Behind the Lips

Documenting The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Atlanta

Every Friday night the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA has played host to a motley crew of characters who come to enjoy one thing: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A movie so whacky that it has gathered arguably the largest cult following of any film in history.

The sub-culture surrounding the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a worldwide phenomenon but the show at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, called Lips Down on Dixie, has been running continuously for ten years. Diving head first into this world reveals a group of tight-knit friends who all volunteer two hours of their Friday night every week for one singular purpose: the love of the movie. The amount of effort that these people give purely for the fans is astonishing, rushing about behind the tiny stage to change costumes and popping out just in time to join the audience in mocking what is on the movie screen.